Yorkie Puppy Feeding Information

Only use this method if he/she doesnít eat the hard food.

When you first get your puppy give her/ him 1cc of honey from the syringe in the top of the carrier take her/him out of her carrier and hold her/him, she/he will be scared. When you get home try to feed her/him and offer her/him some of the Nutri source small bite puppy which will be in a package on top the carrier. If he/she wonít eat make up 1cup of white rice and mix with 1/2 of the pack of Cesar soft food on top the carrier together and give puppy 2 heaping tablspoons morning and night on a saucer then slowly give puppy less and less of this at each feeding but keep hard food and water out for puppy at all times for him to eat until he is eating the hard food well and he doesn't need the soft food anymore. There will also be 3 syringes with white medicine in a small ziplock bag called Panicur. Give your puppy 1 syringe a day in the afternoon for 3 days this will keep your puppy from getting sick from the move. For the first month that you have your puppy keep about Ĺ teaspoon of karo syrup or honey in her/his water and make sure you give her/him about 1 cc at night for the first week before she/he goes to bed that will keep her/him from getting hypoglycemic. I also give my puppies 1 cc in the morning as well for the first week it wonít hurt them and they love it. If your puppy ever acts like she/he is starting to stagger get her warm and give him/her 3ccís of honey or karo syrup. Them give her 3ccís G2, or pedialite and in a little while when she becomes alert feed her/him a teaspoon of cottage cheese mixed with a very small amount of the cesar. If she/he will not eat give him/her 2ccís of puppy milk from a syringe the best kind to keep on hand is that esbilac goatís milk. You can buy at any pet supply store. She/he has to have the food after the honey so her body can absorb the sugar from the honey. Please give your puppy bottled water or purified water and slowly add your water so she doesnít get sick from the change of water. If your puppy ever gets diarrhea and it looks slimey get her stool checked for coccidian or giardia at the vet if she/he test positive the vet will give you meds to cure it. Coccidia and Giardia is caused from stress and all puppies have it in their system and they will get it if they are too stressed. Please make sure you donít take your puppy all over the place when you first get him/her home she/he needs to get settled in to her new home the first week you have him/her and taking her all over the place may cause her to become ill from the stress. If you go away please make sure your puppy is kept in a designated area where she is free from harm. Remember this is a puppy keep her/him away from all electrical cords and other dangerous items.If you decide to change your puppies food make sure you mix it with the other food and slowly add less and less of old food otherwise puppy will get sick to her stomach.