Yorkie Male vs. Female

I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you about Male vs. Female Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppies for sale.

Most people tend to think that a female yorkie will make a better pet then a male yorkie. In most cases I find this is NOT true. Thru my many years of experience and knowledge with breeding Yorkie’s I find the differences between a male and a female yorkie for sale, is that they tend to be just like our male and female human relationships and carry the same traits as humans do. There are always exceptions to any rule as with most things in life, however please read below for my findings in the differences between the genders as a yorkie breeder with 15yrs of experience.

I have been raising and breeding yorkie’s for the past 15 yrs and what I can tell you from my experience with them is. A male yorkie is usually very dedicated and more affectionate then a female yorkie. Males also tend to be more steadfast and reliable and much less moody. They get along better with other pets, and take quicker to house breaking and children. They are always very loyal and happy to sit by your side and cuddle and it doesn’t matter if you are a female or a male owner. They love to be with you wherever you go and are happy all the time. They are usually much more laid back puppies and they don’t seem to have a care in the world, everything is wonderful as far as a male yorkie is concerned. As for a male yorkie marking his territory, if you have them neutered at a young age they rarely will ever mark their territory unless another male dog is around to compete with them for their territory.

As for a female yorkie she will be the one to rule the roost and be the boss. She will know everything that is going on in your household and will usually pick her owner. Females tend to feel they are the princess and should be pampered and treated as such. A lot of females will sit with you and cuddle but only until there is something else going on in your house. Then she has to go see what is going on and give her opinion. Females also tend to be much busier then a male yorkie. Females do like to snuggle but most often prefer their snuggle time to be with the man in the house as a companion. I find females tend to be daddy’s girls and males tend to be mommy’s little boys. As far as house breaking goes females tend to be more stubborn then males and the females usually have to be a little older to be fully potty trained.

As I have said before this is just my experience between the two different sex’s when dealing with the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) breed, as a yorkie breeder.

If my son’s and I are sitting peacefully on the couch and watching TV all my little male yorkie’s are happy to sit with me. My girls usually prefer sitting with my sons. I find this is why most women usually buy a female yorkie as their first Yorkie. Shortly after her female yorkie arrives and she finds the female puppy has bonded with her husband, the women will usually return to me and purchase a little boy to bond with for her. This happens to me quite often when I sell one of my puppies. When I tell my puppies new families my findings thru the years they just don’t seem to understand it until they live it.

In my opinion the best thing you can do is to take into consideration my past experiences as a yorkie breeder and then decide which gender fits your lifestyle the best. Remember there are always exceptions to any rule but most often you will see the above findings are correct when buying yorkie puppies for sale.